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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Simple Solution - Black Wallpaper Background in Android

I’ve just got hold of an Android Samsung Galaxy S2 phone, and I want a fixed background color, in particular black.  Why does Google make this so difficult.

Here is my solution that involves installing nil/zero android apps that took less than a minute.

Step 1. Go to GSMARENA.COM and lookup the Display size resolution for your phone.  For the galaxy S2, it is 480 x 800 pixels.

Step 2. Fire up a basic paint application, such as Windows paint.

Step 3. Resize the image to the resolution from above

Step 4. Choose the appropriate color you want for the wallpaper/background, and leverage the fill/bucket tool to fill the image

Step 5. Save the image as a GIF, JPG, or PNG

Step 6. Email the image to your gmail account accessible from your android phone

Step 7.Open Gmail application and the email containing image just sent

Step 8. Click Save and View on Image

Step 9. Press Menu button in Viewer, and Choose “Set as” option and Home screen wallpaper or Lock screen wallpaper etc.

Step 10. Choose the correct orientation for the image – portrait etc, and click Save.

Congratulation, you should now have a fixed background.


If you have a 480x800 phone, you can probably just save the image linked below.


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