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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to prevent auto-repeat of videos in XBMC

For the best part of the last year, one annoying issue I have found with my particular XBMC setup was that videos would auto-repeat. I could not understand why this was, or where the auto-repeat setting was stored. If you pressed the TV power button mid playback of a movie, the movie would continue to play and repeat over and over.

It was particularly nasty should the video be played from an external USB disk, as the disk would never go to sleep.

Anyway, today I finally worked out where this setting is stored; instructions below assume an AppleTV XBMC setup :-

Navigate to a movie/tv episode etc

Hold down menu button until popup menu appears

from popup menu, choose "Queue item"

hold down menu button once more until popup menu re-appears

from popup menu, choose "Now playing ..."

"NOW PLAYING - VIDEOS" screen should appear

press Previous/Rewind button, and a side-menu on left-hand side should appear

Check the value for the REPEAT option. If it is set to REPEAT:ALL, movie will play over and over.

Set it to REPEAT:OFF


  1. Super! Have been lloking for this for over a month! Thanks mate

  2. Thanks! Everything I watch something through XMBC it would repeat whatever I just watched....

  3. Seriously... THANK YOU! This has been driving me looney. I am not one to comment but this deserves one!!!

  4. Idem. It was making me crazy. Thanks!

  5. You are a scholar and a gentleman! Thank you so much!